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Anyone who has spent any amount of time around a Weimaraner knows this: you either love the breed or you hate it. Despite his many outstanding qualities, this breed is definitely not for everyone. Click here to read more.

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Collar Choices


Choices, choices! Too many choices! Your Weimaraner's collar is one of the most important purchase you can make. Not only are they used to identify your dog, they can be used for adornment. (Collar collection, anyone? You know who you are!) Most people also use collars as training tools, and usually Continue Reading

The Velcro Weimaraner

The Velcro Weimaraner

One of our most shared photos on Facebook is this one of Miss Britta. I love it because it captures that Weim neediness. Yep, they'll velcro themselves to you, and as I said in that article, Weims won't entertain themselves. They want to be with you, and they'll bug you (and bug you) for attention. Continue Reading